Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pretend like this is your post.

Well, I intended to send a lot of pictures, but...since the computers in Malaysia are WAY slower than in Singapore (not that I'm surprised...), you only get one. And it's too bad it's a lame one of only me!! The icons were too small to see which one I was sending! haha. lo siento. 
But, since it did send, I'll explain. Today, as a district, we went with a couple recent converts from the other Miri branch to go fishing & fly kites @ the beach!! It was way fun. No fish, but sunburn! Woot woot! 
So yeah, I'm here in Miri. Hot&rainy&awesome MIRI. There's SO MUCH WORK TO DO HERE & I feel that God answered my prayers. That is what I sincerely desired. BUt it's rather overwhelming, coming from Singapore, where we were just trying to build the area... and rarely had appointments. From like 3 a week to 3-4 a day. WHEW. It's so tiring, but oh so good. I love the people. They are mostly Iban, and SO funny. My Malay is's okay. I can understand usually, and I can express myself (sortof....but not well.) I still pray everyday for help to discern needs and understand so I can help these wonderful people.